GameConSuite is a set of tools for organizing events, scheduling, and registration information for a convention.

GameConSuite is website software for gaming conventions originally developed for U-Con Gaming Convention.  Developed over the course of six convention seasons, GameConSuite has the capability to help your small to medium sized gaming convention run smoothly.

  • GMs register events
  • Admins schedule events
  • Admins can publish events to the website
  • Admins can create an event listing for paper publishing
  • Attendees can browse and search for events
  • Attendees can register and purchase badges, event tickets, and other items
  • Admins can track payments processed separately, so no sensative information is stored
  • Admins can print tickets, envelopes, and badges
  • Admins can record attendance results
  • Admins can use a desktop cash register application which is compatible with barcode scanning.


Small to mid-sized gaming conventions with low security needs.


Manages event, scheduling, and registration data. Provides tools for scheduling. Tracks results for analysis. Assists wit h generating program book. Generates registration materials (badges, tickets). Allows payments to be tracked. Customers can register for the convention and individual events and pay via PayPal.


PHP / MySQL website.


Hosted on your own web server. You integrate it into your website.